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At the Angelic Energy Healing Centre we are dedicated to Healing at the highest level. To helping people cope with stress, depression and many other problems in their lives. Easing people's symptoms of pain, depression, stress, cancer, motor neurone disease, arthritis, high blood pressure and many more. Balancing the energy centers of the body, Cleansing the energy body thereby enhancing the health of the physical body. Pranic Healing is Relaxing, leaving the physical body feeling much lighter. Book today for a relazing enjoyable session. Colleen 0409 377 403.

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Why us?

* We are commited to Healing our clients at the highest level,

* We hold free Earth Healing Meditation, called Planetary Peace Meditation, every 3rd Saturday morning of the month,

10am until 12 noon. Bookings Essential : 0409 377 403

Come along and experience this wonderful healing meditation.

Doing Planetary Peace Meditation is a world service, so while you are healing the Earth, you also receive healing.

As stated in varying books," as you give so shall you receive."

Pranic Healing Experiment with distant Healing Treatment.

In 2003 Dr Emoto of Japan, conducted a research  experiment on a sample of the water from the Tokyo River, (see Picture 1, of untreated water). 12 Pranic Healers from Melbourne Australia, and 1  from the Philippines, used Distant Pranic Healing on the water sample. In picture 2 we can see the effect of the distant healing on the same water sample. The beautiful crystal formation is visible in the photo taken by microscope. Pranic Healing has yielded exciting results, which validates the power of this Healing Technique, to alter states of matter, even from a great distance.





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