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At The Angelic Energy Healing Centre , we are focused on providing _Pranic Healing with the highest Level of Healing. Offering you the opportunity to receive a relaxing, cleansing experience, allowing you to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and lighter. 

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Why us?

20 years ago I suffered a healing crisis, at the time I was devastated, but soon realized that I needed to take the journey to wellness myself. 

I was very Blessed to receive a healing from Master Chao and this healing changed my life and allowed me to fully embrace my Healing journey into Wellness, and I have been dedicated to his work ever since.

I am very interested in empowering people to move into wellness, and away from dis-ease.

I Have been personally Trained by Maha Atma Chao Kok Sui, the modern day Master of Energy Healing.

Master Hector, Master Danny, Melaney Ryan and International Teacher Patricia William.

I have been doing voluntary healing in 2 of the major hospitals with the permission of the doctors, with great success, I enjoy helping people to reach their full potential of optimum health.

  • I am An Associate Certified Pranic Healer.
  • I am an Authorized Teacher of The Institute of Inner Studies in Austria.
  • I am a member of the Pranic Healers Association of W.A.
  • I am a member of the committee of Pranic Healers Association of W.A.
  • I am an accredited member of The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists of Australia.
  • I am a Volunteer Pranic Healer at Solaris Care Cancer Support Centre at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Nedlands and St. John of God Hospital Subiaco,helping cancer patients and their Carers cope with their journey, and helping to ease their symptoms and pain.
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