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**** Student Testimonials ****

Since doing level 1 Pranic Energy Healing Workshop my Natropath has said I am more balanced. K.P. Thornlie

The course was amazing -better than I expected. I.T. Manning.

Excellent for Personal and Spiritual Growth. T.J. Armadale.

It was Blessings and gifts above and beyond my expectations, Thank you Thank you. Many Thanks Colleen for your Warmth, Patience and generosity of your knowledge, we will definately cross paths again. W.V. South Perth.

An Excellent, effective teachings. - Colleen has good knowledge and excellent teaching technique. E.C. Kenwick manager at b- me Alexander technique.

Thank you for this Blessing. I really appreciate Colleen's knowledge and wisdom and I look forward to practice sessions and advancing my Spiritual Growth. Colleen is a very patient and nurturing teacher. C.B. Byford

Thank you for the ability to treat myself and my family. A.M. Ellenbrook.

Colleen is very easy to be with, and this is a valuable addition to my healing practice. A.

Thanks Colleen, you made the course very interesting and enjoyable. P.H. Ellenbrook.

Very valuable information to heal specific illnesses, I look forward to practicing and helping clients further. S.C. Leeming.

Wonderful, Colleen is a great teacher and I am so Thankful for the teachings, I am so glad to have learned the next level, my awareness has increased significantly ( Name withheld)

Thank you for these Priceless Teachings, Colleen is a very patient teacher and repeated things until I understood fully. Thank you R.R. Ellenbrook

Wonderful- lovely to do a refresher I now understand the teachings much better. G. B. Northam

Very informative and Inspiriational- a useful modiality for my healing clinic. E.B. Spearwood.

Our Teacher Colleen delivered content at a beautiful pace. Her  techniques demonstrated for Pranic Healing were explained through practicing on each other, as we observed teacher's demonstrations.         N.B.    Quinns Rocks

So very interesting, better than I expected.  S.A.     Banksia Grove.

This course was a wonderful experience,a lot of great information.

B. S.  Dayton.

I enjoyed Brain Power Yoga Workout Course, and will use the exercises to enhance my brain power. 

D.R. Ellenbrook

A wonderful Level 2 workshop, the teachings are very in depth with our Pranic Teacher, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Pranic Healing.  Thank you.   N.B.  Quinns Rocks.

Thank you Colleen for being the most amazing teacher, healer and the most Loving, Beautiful, Angelic person you are.  I am truly grateful to have met you and to share your wisdom and knowledge.

M.T.   Ellenbrook

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